My mission is to empower You.

 Want more clarity, money, love? If you're giving it your all and its still not working out for you, then you probably have energetic blocks that need healing. As you start to work on your energy field, you'll develop an empowering mindset and this will create new possibilities for you. If you then decide to tap into the manifestation power of the Moon, your life will not just change- it will transform!   

As a Clairvoyant Healer, I see energy when I'm in a healing session. It enables me to understand the energetic blocks, so I'm able to support your healing in a powerful manner and bring back your energy into a healthy flow. 

In every session you will also be coached to overcome your barriers as I tap into divine wisdom with an Oracle and Tarot Reading. Whether you'd like to work on your energy or learn to manifest with the Moon, I would love you support you on your journey.