The answers to all your questions lie within you

The universe is always guiding you towards your aspirations and wellbeing. It can sometimes go unheard when we have a busy mind, which drains our energy and gets us out of balance.   

Working with your innate ability to calm your mind through simple, practical tools will allow your body and energy system to revitalise. You will have the ability to step into peace irrespective of what you are going through in everyday life. You'll find clarity and focus in your thinking plus magnify your power to manifest.

Shift your energy to transform your life

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As a Clairvoyant, Energy Healer and Channel, I will help you cultivate unshakeable peace. You will also find, through my coaching you'll be empowered to connect and trust your own intuition - which is always leading you to your aspirations in life.


Through our work together your energy will move into balance, from head centred (the overthinking mind) to heart centric (the seat of joy and personal power). You will begin to notice that you're taking action from a positive outlook, especially in areas you felt 'stuck' or fearful. Opportunities will start to manifest and you will have the courage, conviction and clarity to take the next steps.

Through energy healing I have transformed my own life and the life of my clients. And I am here to support you through your journey. 





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Sindhu Menon

I've known Ramya a couple of months and its been life changing. ... After I met her everyday has been an amazing experience whether its healing or workshop... Ramya is very talented and I know I can rely on her .

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I recently attended an online session on Grow Your Intuition and I found I resonated with all that she said. I really enjoyed the visualization meditation and benefited from the healing energy she sent us. I had the most wonderful nights sleep that night.

Highly recommend  Ramya and look forward to more of her sessions.

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When I first met Ramya, I had exams coming up and was extremely nervous, sometimes having sleepless nights. However after just a few sessions I was a lot more focussed, calm and energised. Ramya has been a great help!

Alison Walters

Abiel T