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Reiki Energy Healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is pure positive energy. The practice of Reiki originated in Japan; working with the Reiki healing system, a Reiki healer is able to channel pure positive energy to the person receiving the healing.


Receiving an energy healing treatment enhances your natural ability to feel at peace and boost your body's capacity to heal itself. A Reiki healing session is a great way to relax and rejuvenate.    


What are the effects of receiving a Reiki Healing?

Reiki Energy Healing is a holistic and complimentary therapy. It restores our emotional and physical health by balancing the life force energy that flows through us all. When our body, mind and energy are balanced we feel peaceful and have clarity. But when the trio are out of alignment, usually through stress or trauma; we feel drained, ungrounded and have a busy mind.

What to expect during a Healing Session?

My session has three sections to it. Firstly, we will begin by exploring any concerns or requests you may have. Following this, if you would like me to do a small Tarot and Oracle card reading for you, I will draw some cards and channel messages for you.  


We will then commence the energy healing. If this is a virtual healing session, I ask that you be in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for the entirety of our time together. For an in person session, after the initial consultation I will ask you to lay on a soft healing couch or if you are more comfortable you can choose to be seated. I will then scan your chakras(energy centres) and begin to channel Reiki energy for you. This will be done as I hover my hands gently over the 9 major chakra points on the body to balance them. Most Reiki sessions last between 1hour to 1hr 15mins.  


At the end of the session you will feel a deeper sense of relaxation and peace.

Post Session Care

Post Reiki it is important to keep hydrated. Your body will begin to detox and drinking enough water will support the process. It is also helpful to notice any changes in behaviour, energy levels, emotions and overall feeling of wellbeing. You might also notice a reduction in symptoms and pain.  

Booking a Reiki Session with me

To book a healing appointment with me click here to complete the form, alternatively you can Email me at


I will then coordinate a suitable time for the session based on your availability. ( In the Email/ Contact form please mention your availability over the following 2 weeks and the country you are located in. Thank you.)  

Cost of Reiki Session 

You have the option to book an individual healing session or a bulk booking of 2 sessions which is most cost effective. These sessions have a 6 month validity from time of purchase.

Gift vouchers are also available.


Individual sessions - 90mins, £70

Bulk booking - 2 sessions, £110

My Qualifications - 

Reiki Master

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Spiritual Healer

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

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Reiki Treatment
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