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Reiki Energy Healing

Remote Healing Sessions

My healing sessions have a holistic approach where I integrate mind, body and energy. Each session has three aspects to it- Coaching, Tarot/Oracle card reading(incl. channelled messages) and Energy Healing. I am clairvoyant and clairaudient, so you will receive a lot of guidance- do keep a pen and paper handy to write them down!

During a Healing Session: 

We will begin by exploring any concerns you may have. Once I have an understanding of your needs, I will draw Tarot/Oracle cards for you to provide divine guidance on the situation. Any messages I channel for you will also be shared for your highest good.


Following this we will move to the energy healing section, where I will guide you into relaxation using visualisation meditation. I will then channel universal energies for your highest healing, including working with your chakras. Once complete, I will share with you anything I noticed in your energy field along with any guidance that might come through. 


At the end of the session you will leave feeling at peace and empowered.

To book a healing appointment with me click here. Please also mention your availability over the following 2 weeks and the country you are located in. Thank you.  

Individual sessions - 90mins, £70

Bulk booking - 2 sessions, £110

My Qualifications(in healing)-

Reiki Master

Energy Medicine

Spiritual Healer

Buddha Statue
Reiki Treatment
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