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What is Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping?

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful tool that combines Chinese medicine (Acupressure) with modern day Psychology. It is also called Tapping because we gently tap on 9 different points on our body as we say out (to ourselves) how we feel.

The thing I like most about tapping is that you can use it for relief from physical pain as well as emotional pain, so its a great technique to have in your tool kit. It is simple and easy to learn technique, and works brilliantly for both adults and children. The best part is, tapping isn’t time intensive, one can usually start to feel the difference within a few minutes- even beginners!

Tapping basics

It is a 3 step process-

1. Identify your trigger (physical pain, emotion- anger etc)

2. Give it a number (1-10; 1- does not bother you or feeling calm to 10- very intense or overwhelmed)

3. And start tapping!

Here is a brief demonstration on tapping I recorded for you. Watch this space for more videos.

Happy tapping!

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