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Soul Saturday- Calling Back Your Power

If you're reading this post, I invite you to break the Matrix and pivot the way you live your life.

We live our lives believing we can't have all we desire, this is a flawed premise by far. Because in truth, what we want in our life wants to come into our life too. We only need to allow it in by calling back our power and opening up to it.

The focus this week is on relationships. You can have all the money and success in the world, but if your relationships(work and home) aren't healthy you probably won't feel fulfilled in life. Relationships is one area where most tend to give their power away. The biggest downside to this, apart of course from feeling disempowered is that we have lesser energy in the present moment to manifest. This technique that I share is about calling your energy back, so you feel empowered in the now to then create the future you want.

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