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Soul Saturday - Throat Chakra Healing

Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to this Soul Saturday session with me.

As always, my intention with this series is to support you, encourage you, convince you, push you(yup I'll do that too!) into owning your POWER by living intentionally.

Today's Soul Saturday is about healing our Throat chakra- our centre for communication and expressing ourselves. There is a great surge of collective energies already at play that are pushing us towards looking at how we're communicating. Consider how authentic and intentional you are when you are interacting with other. Are you finding yourself in situations where you're giving your power away when speaking to others? Does being around some people make you cautious in what you say? This is a good time to call back your power, release your fears and come to a place of balance.

Intentional living is when we set our focus(our energy) on how we want to feel and actively bring that into our day/ week/ life. When intention precedes reality, things start to manifest and you're less affected by what happens outside, because you're so grounded in empowered from within.

Blessed Be


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