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Soul Saturdays

My intention of this series is to hold the space for you to create an intentional week. If you are stepping into a new week without an intention, you're driving around in your car without a clear idea of where you want to go.

You might have a 'plan' for the week or an 'idea' of what needs doing, but this is very different to an intention. Setting an intention means laying the very Foundation to the actions you want to take, so its super important. To build an empowered week, you've got to have a solid foundation or you'll be swept around by external circumstances.

We make a big deal about New Years Resolutions every year, but we don't pay much attention to the start of a new week- rather Mondays have a bad rep, from Monday blues to every colour in between! New beginnings are an opportunity for you to create something you desire, and every year we have 52 beautiful new beginnings- thats 52 weeks to create!

Join me every week as I share with you how you can work with energy, perspective and wisdom to manifest new beginnings.

Call back your power, lets make Magic Monday part of our vocabulary.

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