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Tarot Tuesday - What positive things are flowing your way?

I thought its about time we all got some positive news, don't you agree?

This weeks card reading is about what good things are coming your way. Pick a card readings are a fun way to receive guidance- and you don't need to be an expert either! I have 3 piles of Tarot/ Oracle cards from the same card deck on top. All you have to do is pick the crystal you are most drawn to. It helps if you take a few mindful breaths to centre yourself and then go with your intuition. Here are the cards with their corresponding crystals, Right to Left - Pile 1( Blue Tigers Eye), Pile 2(Angelite) and Pile 3(Tiger's Eye).

Once you have picked a card pile, click on the video below. The time stamps are in the video description. I hope you enjoy the video! Blessed be.

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