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Soul Saturday - Energy Healing for Receiving Abundance

Do you find money is always in front of you but never in your pocket?

Everyday, we take actions regarding money - we're working for it, spending money or and here is the big one, THINKING about it!

So its super important to think about your relationship to money. Why? Because it'll show you your money patterns or what I call MONEY HABIT. Not just about how you make/spend your money but also, and more importantly, your outlook towards it.

Your money habits include your subconscious abundance blocks which dictate your thinking and determine how much money flows into your life.

Join me in today's Soul Saturday for an energy healing session where I send you healing to release your money blocks and receive abundance.

If you feel guided to delve deeper into your relationship with money, I would love for you to to be part of my Abundancing Workshop where we will identify, explore and heal your abundance blocks. Further details are on this link-

Blessed Be Dear Ones

Ramya xoxo

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