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Know your 2nd Chakra and how to heal it

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

All the 7 Chakras play an important part in our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

If you are working towards emotional balance or creative goals, then the second Chakra(also called the Sacral Chakra) is a great Chakra to work with because it is related to creativity, imagination, your motivation for pleasure- physical luxuries and also sexual pleasure.

When all of these chakras are aligned and open, you will thrive both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, if even just one chakra is misaligned or closed, you are more likely to feel negative and struggle to achieve goals. By working on the sacral chakra, you learn how to tap into your creativity. The resulting openness will also give you a boost when working with any of the other chakras.

Key Information

Physical Location: In the middle of the abdomen, roughly two inches below the belly button.Color: Orange.

Element: Water- no wonder we get our best ideas in the shower!

Emotional Issues and Behaviors of Blocked Sacral Chakra: When there’s a problem with the Sacral Chakra, you’re likely to feel bored, listless and uninspired. You may have a low sex drive, and you’ll possibly feel afraid of (or resistant to) change. Physical symptoms associated with a blocked Sacral Chakra can include urinary discomfort, increased allergies and an attraction to addictive behaviors. These need not be related to drug or alcohol use. Shopping addiction, gambling, and issues with eating can all be linked to issues with the Sacral Chakra. No wonder we get our most creative ideas in the shower!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Balancing Chakras: What Is The Sacral Chakra Responsible For?

Any of the following can influence the sacral chakra (and can, in turn, be influenced by it):

How inspired you feelYour ability to be playful with othersYour satisfaction in romantic relationshipsHow much pleasure you feel in all areas of lifeYour confidence in the things you createFeedback on anything artistic

So, whenever your sacral chakra is open, you’ll feel dynamic, stimulated and full of ideas. Alignment in this chakra also gives you the confidence to make significant changes to the way you live your life.

In contrast, your sacral chakra can be pushed out of alignment or blocked by anything that’s boring, repetitive or stifling. In addition, if someone gives you negative feedback about your creativity or sexuality, your sacral chakra can be negatively influenced as a result.

Healing Your Sacral Chakra


To heal your sacral chakra, sit in a quiet place and take a few long deep breaths. Then imagine there is a beautiful, vibrant orange sphere spinning in your lower abdomen. With every breath imagine it getting brighter and starting to ripple across your body until you are covered with this vibrant light. Set then intention to heal your 2nd chakra and release all the blocks that don't serve you.

Foods List And Diet Suggestions

All of the Chakras respond positively and negatively to your diet, so you can potentially unblock the sacral chakra just by making little adjustments to what you eat. Healthy eating is good for maintaining open chakras, but beyond this advice, it’s also smart to look at foods that are historically linked to your sacral chakra.

For example, sacral chakra foods include:


Photo by Jonathan Pielmayer on Unsplash

As mentioned above, orange is the color that represents your sacral chakra, so it’s no surprise that

the fruit shares this connection. However, any fleshy fruits can help to keep your sacral chakra aligned. This includes papayas, mangoes, and peaches.

Seeds: Chakra experts would advise you to eat just about any seed if you want to work on the sacral area. Good seeds include pumpkin, sunflower, poppy, and hemp.

Coconuts: Bursting with healthy oils and fats that promote cardiovascular health, coconuts can increase your energy levels and get you into the right mood to be creative. As such, they’re a popular choice for people struggling with second chakra issues like low inspiration.

Broths and teas: Clear liquids have always been said to heal your sacral chakra, so a tasty vegetable broth or fruit tea is an excellent option.

Affirmations To Use

You can say affirmations anytime you encounter a trigger for sacral chakra blockage, or when you’re worried that your sacral chakra may already me misaligned. A great time to say these affirmations is first thing in the morning when you wake up or just before bedtime.

Here are some sacral chakra affirmations to try:

"I accept myself and am open to the experiences that come my way"

“I deserve to experience pleasure and have my needs met.”

“I am confident that what I offer the world is enough.”

“It is safe to express my sexual self in fun, creative and healthy ways.”

“I attract relationships with loving, good people who will support me.”

“I know I can embrace change and make the best of my future.”

“Every day, I experience more and more joy and satisfaction.”

“I am full of inspiration and the potential for creation.”

“My body is vibrant, and I am comfortable inside it.”

“I am a strong, creative person and I love what I create.”

“I am ready for positive change and for deep personal growth.”

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